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Rock N Roll(Eel & cucumber avocado on top)----------------------------------8.95

Rainbow Roll(Tuna, salmon & avocado on top, crab stick and cucumber in side)-8.95

Futomaki(Crab stick, egg & vegetables)---------------------------------------8.95

Maryland Roll(real crabmeat & avocado)--------------------------------------7.95

Ocean City Roll(Spicy tuna & avocado in side and real crabmeat on the top)---8.95

Fire Roll(Crab stick, cheese, avocado & shrimp and whole roll is deep fried)-----8.95 

Dragon Roll(eel & avocado on top, tempura shrimp in side)--------------------8.95

Crab Roll(crab stick & cucumber in side and crab stick on top)------------------8.95

Crazy Roll(spicy tuna in side, salmon on top)----------------------------------8.95

Eel Tempura Roll-----------------------------------------------------------5.95

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